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Using Technology to Attract More Accounting Clients

As an accountant, you've probably spent hours, either on the phone or in person, explaining to your client their numbers and losing their attention within the first 5 minutes. Some may even zone out. You can’t help them because they are overwhelmed with various financial statements and nothing is making sense to them i.e. they are experiencing information fog. If they don’t know their numbers, they cant improve their business. 

Your goal is for them to be more involved, proactive and utilize numbers to their advantage. That can’t be possible unless there is a way for business owners to know their numbers. Knowing numbers helps to increase profits, reduce taxes and better manage their cashflow.

This is where financial dashboards come in handy. Rather than overwhelming your clients with piles of documents, you can help them understand and know their numbers accurately, timely and in a reliable way via beautiful, insightful/digital graphs and charts.  With financial dashboards, their business performance and financial position is all on one screen!

A business owner already has a busy schedule. If you, their accountant, can save them time and encourage them to make better business decisions by utilizing financial dashboards, you will definitely become their trusted accountant and you will attract more clients. After all, time is money and money is money!

Make explaining numbers to your clients a less hectic task! Email us today to learn more about financial dashboards and for a free demo.

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