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Free Tool to Manage Your Cash Flow

Managing cash flows can be challenging for businesses, especially during this time. We have developed a tool that will empower you to understand your cash flow projection quickly for the next six months. 

Our Cash Flow Runway Tool will help you understand your business projection and cash flow position instantly. Best of all, you have access to the tool 24/7 to make changes whenever you need.

With the Cash Flow Projection, it will calculate all of the data that was entered in to show you the projection of your business for the next six months.

Know how many days of cash you have left for your business with the Cash Flow Runway Days. 

Insert cash at hand, Avg. Monthly revenue, and one time infusions like loans to get correct and accurate projections. 

Start today to take control of your expenses! With our cash flow runway tool, you will be able to budget and forecast based on a projection that suits your business needs. Simply update your cash inflow and outflow information to project the best results!

XQ CPA is one of our CPA firms who uses our Cash Flow Runway Tool and has created a video on how the cash flow runway tool works! The Pro version that is presented in the video extracts data from your books (Xero or QuickBooks) into this tool to always remain accurate and reliable. The Pro version is part of an all-inclusive accounting subscription with OneSelfClub. Sign up now to take control of your business and future! To learn more about this advantage and more, please check out our program to Become a Pro with OneSelfClub Now!

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