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EpicLedger Has A Fresh New Modern Look

HOUSTON, TX – MAY 2019 – EpicLedger, a leading innovative FinTech company that empowers business owners to understand their numbers in 60 seconds, announced today the launch of its newly redesigned and modern financial dashboard.

This new look is symbolic of EpicLedger’s ongoing commitment to technology and providing its customers nothing but the best. 

With this launch, users will be able to customize their dashboard to match their company’s branding. With other financial dashboards, you have to resort to using their “fits-all” customers visual. There is nothing more exasperating than looking at an outdated cookie-cutter screen. But, with EpicLedger, users can now whitewash their dashboard with company logo and select from 10 new background colors to stay consistent with their branding strategy.      

“We understand the importance of branding, the impact it creates, and we want to give each customer the option to customize their own dashboard so that it aligns perfectly with their brand,” said Andre Siaw, Managing Director of EpicLedger.             

About EpicLedger EpicLedger, a leader in financial technology information, helps transform financial statements into adaptive insights that empower business owners to understand their numbers in less than 60 seconds. EpicLedger’s cloud-based dashboard provides business owners total financial visibility that is accurate, timely and reliable encouraging effective business decisions. 

To learn more about EpicLedger, follow us on LinkedIn, call us at 346-291-6286 or email us at

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