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EpicLedger’s Long-Awaited Financially-Focused Messenger App For Android Now Available 

HOUSTON, TX - April 8, 2019 – After a successful iOS launch of the first financially-focused messenger mobile app, EpicLedger, today, released the long-awaited app on the Android platform.

The EpicLedger app is a highly interactive tool that allows business owners to obtain instantaneous insights into their financial performance and position of their business in order to make timely and better business decisions.

“The next five years for EpicLedger will be ground-breaking. Our technology will equip all business owners with instant access to their financials. Business owners will rely on their smartphone to receive powerful financial advice in order to make critical business decisions", said Andre Siaw, cofounder of EpicLedger.

The app provides instant access to key financial performance indicators and past business trend data. It also allows business owners to review top five expenses, anywhere from payroll to rent to professional fees. For business owners who own multiple businesses, the app will enable them to compare and review financial performance across multiple entities. Additionally, the messaging feature on the app allows business owners to communicate with their accountants or controllers.

To review financial data on the EpicLedger app, business owners must first become a dashboard user by visiting

About EpicLedger EpicLedger, a leader in financial technology information, helps transform financial statements into adaptive insights that empower business owners to understand their numbers in less than 60 seconds. Epicledger’s cloud-based dashboard provides business owners total financial visibility that is accurate, timely and reliable encouraging effective business decisions.

To learn more about EpicLedger, call 346-291-6286 or email

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