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EpicLedger Introduces Financial Position Analytics to Dashboard

Today at EpicLedger, a cloud-based solution provider created to serve business owners looking to grow their businesses, we announced the addition of the Financial Position analytics to our dashboard. The Financial Position analytics is an extension of the original dashboard which transforms financial statements into adaptive insights so that business owners can understand their numbers in less than 60 seconds.

The financial position is defined as the status of financial well-being regarding a company. It is measured via the information on the balance sheet which is available on the (now) first page of the dashboard. The balance sheet includes the following information: breakdown of current versus non-current assets, liabilities and equity.

“We believe that every business should be a successful business. Our goal at EpicLedger is to provide every business owner the tools necessary to make that happen. With the addition of the Financial Position analytics, business owners can easily assess the value of their company”, says Andre Siaw, co-founder of EpicLedger. 

 The addition of the Financial Position analytics to our dashboard will help users of financial statements to assess the financial health of an entity. When analyzed over several accounting periods, the financial position can also assist in identifying underlying trends of the entity. Additionally, it is helpful in determining the state of the entity’s liquidity risk, financial risk, credit risk and business risk.

For a free trial or to learn more about our financial dashboard, email us at

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