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Announcing EpicLedger & OneSelfClub Strategic Partnership

EpicLedger is pleased to announce it's new strategic partnership with OneSelfClub, an accounting service provider whose primary goal is to bring self-service accounting to start-ups and small business owners to control their own success. OneSelfClub's services include four components: EpicLedger's financial dashboard, bookkeeping, month-end reconciliation and an online subscription to QuickBooks Pro. The goal of EpicLedger and OneSelfClub is to offer a speedy, reliable, easy and affordable self-service accounting to solutions to business owners whose time and money are valuable. With this package, business owners can minimize their time spend on managing accounting and finances without having to insure high costs of hiring a CPA or a full-time accounting professional.

"We look forward to offer these unique solutions for business owners who want to take their business to the next level. This is a very exciting endeavor for EpicLedger and OneSelfClub", says Andre Siaw, president of EpicLedger.

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