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COVID-19 Recovery

The continued spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) have heavily impacted both wall street and main street. Business owners are running into cash flow crisis due to prolonged closure/furlough of business.

How to Stay Afloat During this Crisis?

There are low-interest disaster recovery loans to small businesses affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19). To ensure your business stays afloat during this crisis.

Know Your Financial Position

During this crisis, it is vital to know where your business financial position is. It is important to know your numbers so that you will know how long can your business sustain with the current economic situation. Armed with that knowledge, you can now make better decision on how much loan your business need and what expenses to cut or loan payment to defer to keep your business afloat for the projected period of time. We have a FREE tool that will help you know how long your business will last with your current cash flow. Go check it out!

Cash Flow RunWay Tool

Need help projecting your cash flow during this crisis? Don't worry, our FREE Cash Flow Runway Tool will help you know how long your business will last with your cash flow through this crisis.

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